What is a job credit?

How to advertise a job vacancy on FE Careers

A job advertising credit on FE Careers is how you post a basic job listing online.

With each job advertising credit you can select:

  • A single job role (e.g. Assessor)
  • As many competencies / skill areas as you want (e.g. Retail, Engineering, Hospitality, Advice and Guidance, etc)
  • A single region (e.g. South East)
  • A single job type (e.g. permanent)

If you wish to advertise more than one job role, or in more than one region, you will need additional job advertising credits.

A job credit enables you to advertise up to 28 days, but you can choose to advertise for less than this period if you wish.

You can re-edit your job advert for the first 10 days it is live, although if you want to extend your closing date on your advert you will require additional credits.

Within your advert you can add your logo, attach up to five documents, ask candidates to either apply via CV and email to a set email address or ask candidates to apply via your website.

What if I have the same job role in multiple regions?

If you have the same job advert in multiple regions then you will require multiple credits.

For example, if you have a Retail Assessor job to advertise in London, Manchester and Birmingham. You will need three job credits (you would select job role: Assessor, competency: Retail, and then the region where you want the job advert to appear, such as the London region for the London Assessor job role).

Once you have set the first job to be live, you can copy the first advert and then change the region and any text you wish (e.g. for the Manchester Assessor job advert, just change any location text in the body of the advert and change the region to North West and then your job will appear in the search results of people searching for Retail Assessor jobs in the North West and Manchester).

To advertise the Retail Assessor job in Birmingham, either copy the job and change the region to West Midlands, or write out the job advert again (job role: Assessor, competency: Retail, region: West Midlands), and fill in the job type, e.g. Permanent. Your job advert will then appear in the search results when someone searches for Retail Assessor jobs in the West Midlands region.

How many credits will I need for multiple jobs in the same geographical region?

On FE Careers, with a single job advertising credit you can select a single job role, as many competencies or skills areas as you want, a single geographical region and a single job type.

So if you are looking for multiple candidates for the same job role in the same region, you would only need one job credit. For example, if you had vacancies for Engineering Assessors, Retail Assessors, Health and Health & Social Care Assessors all in London, You could select:

Job role: Assessor

Competency: Retail, Engineering, Health and Social Care

Region: London

Job Type: Permanent

This could all be completed on a single job credit, but it is important to think like a job seeker. It would be virtually impossible to find someone who was competent to Assess Retail, Health and Social Care and Engineering, so we would recommend that you make it clear that you are looking for three different people for the different Assessor job vacancies, otherwise candidates may think they would not be suitable for the job and not apply.

If you have a Retail Assessor job vacancy in London and another Retail Assessor role in Liverpool, you will need two job credits. As you can only select one geographical region per job advertising credit.

If you had two Health and Social Care vacancies (one for a Health and Social Care Assessor job and another for a Health and Social Care Tutor), and if you wanted to place one advert out under job role Assessor and another under job role Tutor, you will need two job credits, as you can only select one job role per a single job credit.

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