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18 June 2015

Hundreds and hundreds of people Google 'how to become an assessor' on a monthly basis. It's a question that is asked by many, but answered effectively by very few. Hopefully, after reading this article you will feel like it's not as complicated as what everyone makes out after all.

Wed 31, May 2017

This is an update to my last article on the changing role of assessors within new apprenticeships. The pointers below are based on the CPD courses I run for teachers, trainers and assessors, the messages I receive, and the discussions on the Linkedin...

Wed 05, Apr 2017

Sam Sleight explains how to become an End Point Assessor, the changes that are happening to Apprenticeships and the role of an Assessor: There has been a lot of talk around the changes to Apprenticeships, although there has been very little talk arou...

Mon 03, Apr 2017

Company culture. Organisational culture. Corporate culture. Whatever the name, there used to be a time when you could take one look at the name of a business, the sector it operated in, and its owner, and make some fairly safe assumptions about its ...

Thu 09, Mar 2017

Janet Ryland, Head of Funding Implementation, SFA, discusses the End Point Assessment in Apprenticeships

Tue 07, Mar 2017

Chair of the Federation of Awarding Bodies (FAB) Paul Eeles chats about End Point Assessments and his three priorities as chair of FAB at the Apprenticeships 4 England conference.  

Thu 02, Mar 2017

We are fast-approaching Spring, and the much-discussed Apprenticeship Levy is just around the corner. Every expert has had their say, and opinions on its implementation and viability have been as polarising as they have been plentiful. The imminent ...

Fri 18, Nov 2016

Currently only 1% of Apprentices are on the new standards, and are thus being assessed formally at the end of their Apprenticeship. As the SFA tips the scales of funding in favour of the new standards, we all expect that number to climb in 2017. But...

Thu 27, Oct 2016

Over the last few weeks, concerns have been raised by MPs and sector leaders at the lack of Apprentice Assessment Organisations (AAO) in place to carry out the end-point assessment of apprentices on new standards. It’s true, we’re at a critical junct...

Wed 28, Sep 2016

Kathy Brodie shares some really useful tips to help you keep up to date with your CPD: Keeping up to date with current policy, trends and best practice should be easy in the modern world. After all, there are multiple sources of information, all read...

Wed 14, Sep 2016

 Change seems inevitable in our sector, however, we need to keep on top of it or we could easily be left behind, or worse, without a job. Our sector is becoming increasingly commercialised, therefore we need to make sure we are aware of what’s h...