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18 June 2015

Hundreds and hundreds of people Google 'how to become an assessor' on a monthly basis. It's a question that is asked by many, but answered effectively by very few. Hopefully, after reading this article you will feel like it's not as complicated as what everyone makes out after all.

Tue 12, Dec 2017

Looking for info on the changing role of an Assessor to an End Point Assessor? How will these changes affect your job role and delivery to learners?  Don't worry, we have you covered. We have collated some really helpful End Point Assessment (EP...

Mon 30, Oct 2017

The end-point assessment is designed to provide a robust, independent and rigorous test of an apprentice’s skills and competence at the very end of the training programme. But the key role in preparing the apprentice for the end-point assessment will...

Mon 25, Sep 2017

As the owner and lead recruiter at Carson Recruitment, there’s one question in particular I get asked a lot: How do I write the perfect CV? There’s plenty of school of thought out there, and at the end of the day, there is no one correct answe...

Thu 31, Aug 2017

NOCN is now the number one, leading independent Apprentice Assessment Organisation (AAO) with the highest number of approvals to undertake End Point Assessment (EPA) on Apprenticeship Standards. Working with employers, large and small, in a...

Wed 16, Aug 2017

I don’t know about you, but I could use a vacation. Maybe Antarctica. You know, a placid landscape where things, more or less, stay the same from one week to the next. Continuity. A woman can dream... Ever since the new apprenticeships reforms were i...

Thu 10, Aug 2017

Back in March, with the Apprenticeship Levy imminent, I wrote about the potential effects on recruitment, and gave my opinion that employers would begin paying very close attention to their apprenticeship schemes, demanding higher quality programs an...

Tue 08, Aug 2017

Apprenticeship end-point assessment is new. New assessment plans continue to be published and new Apprentice Assessment Organisations (AAO) are being approved - the missing piece of the jig-saw however, are end-point assessors themselves. Recent rese...

Mon 24, Jul 2017

For a change we have been an employer this week – buying in Degree Apprenticeship training for the shiny new Apprentices that we have hired. As you would expect one of the questions that our chosen provider asked us was: ‘how long do you want it (the...

Fri 16, Jun 2017

Now that the apprenticeship standards and apprenticeship levy have launched; providers are turning their attention to end-point assessment and how this will work in practice. To help, national apprenticeship awarding organisation, Innovate Awarding, ...

Mon 05, Jun 2017

Remember the good old days in sales? All you needed was a telephone (landline, wired, of course), a pile of bought-in leads, and the confidence that yes, you could pick up the phone, convince somebody that your product or service was better than ever...