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18 June 2015

Hundreds and hundreds of people Google 'how to become an assessor' on a monthly basis. It's a question that is asked by many, but answered effectively by very few. Hopefully, after reading this article you will feel like it's not as complicated as what everyone makes out after all.

Mon 05, Mar 2018

For many, the concept of end-point assessment is still new.  The independent nature of the assessor’s role is new, the concept of grading is new, and the way many of the assessment components are delivered will be new too. Over the last few week...

Fri 02, Mar 2018

Sally Collier's keynote speech from the 27 February 2018 Ofqual Conference.  Good morning everyone. Thank you all very much for coming from far and wide to be with us today. It’s my second conference and the one time of the year where the r...

Wed 28, Feb 2018

The Institute for Apprenticeships (IfA) has recently widened its definition of when it will allow mandatory qualifications to be part of a new apprenticeship standard.  This comes after a lot of pressure from employers who had proposed mandatory...

Mon 26, Feb 2018

You will have heard it before - end-point assessment, and the new assessment plans upon which they are based, represent a fundamental shift for apprenticeships. If you’ve had chance to look through some of the new assessment plans, you will see some ...

Mon 19, Feb 2018

If you are looking to deliver (or prepare your apprentices) for end-point assessments in the future, you will need to get to grips with the assessment methods specified in the new assessment plans. Some of these assessment methods are new to apprenti...

Thu 15, Feb 2018

Last week the Institute for Apprenticeships (IfA) announced a very significant change in of the rules concerning the use of qualifications in apprenticeship standards. These changes should be welcomed warmly by the education, skills and awarding sect...

Mon 12, Feb 2018

In the coming weeks, we’ll be releasing a series of articles taking you through the end-point assessment methods used in new apprenticeship assessment plans, and some of the practical issues to consider. Welcome to Article #1, here’s a look under the...

Tue 06, Feb 2018

North West based company, Sysco Business Skills Academy (Sysco), have become the first training provider in the country to complete the End-Point Assessment (EPA) for the new Housing Apprenticeship Standards with a cohort of Apprentices from Stockpor...

Mon 15, Jan 2018

What do providers really want from an end point assessment organisation?  Recently AELP surveyed a significant number of training providers with regard to what were they looking for in an end point assessment organisation (EPAO) and we were some...

Fri 12, Jan 2018

Like any other industry, the education sector is guilty of creating and throwing around its own abbreviations and acronyms. Love them or loathe them, they’re here to stay. Their widespread usage creates a sense of shared endeavour. And once they are ...